Saturday, April 14, 2012

Banjo Kazooie Jinjo

As you have obviously seen, I haven't been very active here for about 2 years.
But that doesn't matter anymore, I'm back, and ready to post more of my papercrafts. So here's my first Banjo-Kazooie papercraft, Jinjo!

In Banjo-Kazooie there are a Blue, a Green, a Orange, a Purple, and a Yellow Jinjo that have been hidden throughout each world by Gruntilda. Once all five Jinjos are rescued, the player will be rewarded with one of the world's ten Jiggies. Like Musical Notes, Jinjos' positions are reset once Banjo leaves the world, meaning that he must go through and collect them all again if he misses any the first time. Jinjos reappear in a world even after all five have been collected and gives Banjo and Kazooie an Extra Life rather than another Jiggy if they are collected again.

Download Here

Edit: While in the testbuilt picture it's shown with the original 2d-ish eye piece, after building I actually changed the final files and included the 3d eyes from BT. Includes the 5 original colors of green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple.


  1. Very nice and thank you for making it.

    1. Thank you Alisa! It's always nice to see people commenting on my crafts