Monday, May 7, 2012

OoT Chamber of Sages + WIPs

I've been so busy these past few days. I'm low on black ink and I've had 3 projects due this week. So for now I'm just going to post my last couple of old papercrafts until I can buy some ink. Anyway, here's my most popular papercraft I have right now, Chamber of Sages.

 The Chamber of Sages is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Chamber of Sages is where six of the seven sages reside once Link awakens them. The Chamber is located within the Temple of Light in the Sacred Realm. It is where Rauru greets Link when he awakens from his seven-year slumber in the temple and where Link speaks to each of the six sages upon awakening them.

 Download at PaperZelda
So here are all my WIPs as of now. 

It's Kirby!
 This craft will be fully customizable, with (something) recolors from Amazing Mirror,almost all Ability Hats from Return to Dreamland and some accessories. I have kirby, the recolors, ice kirby, wing kirby, and warp star all unfolded and ready to be built. Currently working on the other hats.

MM Gyorg Remains
 Last remains craft that I haven't done, just needs to be testbuilt.

 MM Kamaro
 Model needs alot of edit to be buildable, some textures are still messed up.

 Buzzy Beetle
 A random guest on the shoutbox asked me to do it, decided I should. Model still needs alot of editing and most textures still need to be fixed

 WW Gyorg
 Currently simplifying, few textures need fixing, should be done soon

 OoT Skull Mask
 Decided to do this to help out someone from the Nintendo Papercraft forums. I finished editing the model, just have to rip the textures and map them.

MC Remote Bomb
 Simple but old craft that i never completed. Just needs to be built.
As you can see, most of my WIPs just need to be testbuilt, if anyone is willing to help me out, leave a comment below!

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