Saturday, December 29, 2012

Majora's Mask Skull Kid

Happy End of the World! Except it didn't really happen..oh well I'm back with a new craft, Skull Kid!
Kind of fitting releasing this now with all the hype around December 21, but be warned this is a very hard papercraft, one of the hardest I've done so it isn't recommended for beginners/newbies. Also, I'm releasing another papercraft tomorrow for being inactive, so stay tuned!

A Skull Kid is what a child becomes after getting lost in the Lost Woods; at least one Skull Kid appears in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. They first interact with Link in Ocarina of Time, and later a Skull Kid plays a major role in Majora's Mask. Skull
Kids dress in a red cloak and hat covering an underlayer of clothing comprised of a straw-like material (much like scarecrows), and play a flute, which they can also use as a weapon to shoot projectiles. 

The Skull Kid becomes a central character in Majora's Mask. Under the influence of the Majora's Mask that he stole from the Happy Mask Salesman, Skull Kid becomes a powerful sorcerer. Using this new-found might, he wreaks havoc on the four worlds of Termina, ultimately attempting to destroy it by bringing the Moon down upon the land. He appears to be the main antagonist through most of the game, though he himself is not evil and is merely being controlled by the powers of Majora's Mask. Skull Kid is self-centered and has an affinity for mischief. Due to his behavior and physical appearance, he is often called an imp. The Skull Kid is resented by most Terminians because of the tricks he plays on them, though he finds companionship in the sibling fairies Tatl and Tael. He is strongly implied to be the same Skull Kid as the one in the Lost Woods of Ocarina of Time.

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  1. May I post this on Nintendo Papercraft?

  2. macafee says no!!!!

  3. @Poe
    Yes you can go ahead and post on whichever blog you want, as long as you give me credit

    What do you mean? lol i can assure you it has no viruses or anything.

  4. hey, do you think you could make some instructions? like, go into the files for skullkid, and label each part so i know where to paste it, then put a download up so i can download the file with all the lables.

  5. doesnt work on mac?

    does it got a guide?