Sunday, January 20, 2013

01/20/2013 WIPs

Its been a while since I've shown a bunch of my WIPs. So here's a little preview of what I've been working up to now.

Mario Kart: Double Dash Koopa

 Already Unfolded, will be released next week with Koops

 Koops From Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
 Recolor/Remodel of the Koopa Model

Already Unfolded, will be released next week with Koopa

 Custom model made from scratch of Kabula, from Kirby Superstar Ultra

Still gotta edit a couple of textures before i can unfold it

 The Composer Brothers from Majora's Mask.

 Sharp is done and unfolded, Flat still needs to be fixed.

 Walf from Kirby's Return to Dreamland

 Textures are perfect, need to do the connect of the head to the body.

 Taillow from Pokemon

 Simplified the body and the wings, needs to be textured, will take a while.

 Odolwa from Majora's Mask

Still needs alot of editing, won't be done anytime soon.
 DKC Klaptrap

 Done and unfolded will be released soon.

 Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing

 Done and unfolded, will be released on Groundhog Day.

 Mario Kart: Double Dash Mushroom Car

Done and unfolded, will be released one day..

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