Saturday, June 29, 2013

NSMB Wii Buzzy Beetle

Thanks to stevieboy1 for testbuilding this craft!

Buzzy Beetles (or simply Buzzy) are turtle-like creatures with hard, outer shells that are often blue. Buzzy Beetles will hide in their shells if jumped on, and, like a Koopa Shell, can be kicked to eliminate more enemies. The shell of the Buzzy Beetle is strong enough to resist fireballs, and as such, they cannot be defeated by fire. In a way, they are the polar opposite of the Spinies; enemies who are immune to jumps, but vulnerable to fireballs. 
Buzzy Beetles later reappear in the sequel, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In World 6-3, a big group of Buzzy Beetles can be seen on the ceiling, and will fall on Mario and the group, as they did in Super Mario Bros. 3. In both games, Buzzy Beetles hop to the electronic vocal "bah" in the background music. They also appear in 8-1, and these ones don't walk off ledges, unlike normal Buzzy Beetles, mainly because they walk of ledges that lead to a body of lava. Kamek may also transform blocks into them during his boss fight in the World 8-Fortress. Spike Tops also reappear again. However, the most notable appearance is the reappearance of Para-Beetles who have not been seen since The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and a new sub-species called Heavy Para-Beetle. They only appear in World 7-6. 

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