Sunday, June 17, 2012

Majora's Mask Gyorg Remains + Sneak Peek

Special thanks to Xaimill for testbuilding this model for me.

The mask Link obtains by defeating the Gargantuan Masked Fish, Gyorg, in Great Bay Temple. Gyorg's defeat releases the Giant of Great Bay, allows the murky and unnaturally warm waters in the bay to begin returning to normal, and dispels the vortex that surrounded Great Bay Temple. At this point, the Fisherman will also run a jumping mini-game on Fisherman's Island. 

Download at PaperZelda
Also, to make you excited, here's a sneak peek at the craft I've working so hard on.
Majora's Mask battle-ready pose link. Will include instructions and all the weapons.
Hopefully will be released next week.


  1. The download isn't working for me.

  2. Thanks for mentioning, download link has been fixed

  3. Hi Sabidiet, the font you used does not exist on my system, take care with this things, because the text could overlap a piece of the model ;) you can use secure fonts like arial or tahoma, or include in the zip pack the font used ;)

    Thank you!