Saturday, June 30, 2012

Majora's Mask Odolwa Remains

Finally here's the last of the MM Boss Remains, it's Odolwa Remains!

The mask that Link receives after defeating the Masked Jungle Warrior, Odolwa, in Woodfall Temple. Upon Odolwa's defeat, the Giant of Woodfall is freed, the poison in Woodfall disappears, certain plants are able to regrow and the Bigoctos are no longer seen. The Deku Princess can also be saved, and will order the release of the Imprisoned Monkey. At this point, peace is restored to Woodfall, and Link can complete a sidequest to obtain the Mask of Scents as a reward for his aid. The Pictograph Contest will also end, and Koume will allow Link to play a mini-game if he goes on a boat cruise.

Download at Paperzelda

I acuatally wanted to release Battle-ready pose Majora's Mask Link today, but i noticed i did a crucial mistake with him when i finished the build.

I mirrored him! It'll take me a while to re-do the pdo and fix everything, so sadly I cant release him today. I'll try to release him next week, but it'll take me a while to do this, so stay tuned!

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