Saturday, November 17, 2012

SS Bomb

This is my 20th Post! As a special treat, I'm releasing two papercrafts instead of one.

 Bombs are staple items in The Legend of Zelda series, premiering in the first game and recurring in every game since, excluding The Adventure of Link. People like Cannon and Barnes consider Bomb-making an art and sell the explosives at their Bomb Shops. Bombs are usually obtained early in each game, and they are commonly carried in Bomb Bags. Since their first appearance, they have kept a consistent design until Twilight Princess, in which they were given a more realistic appearance. In Skyward Sword, Link can also throw bombs like bowling balls via an underarm swing of the Wii Remote, with even being capable of giving the bomb a spin. The Beetle can also pick up and fly with a bomb to a new location, adding depth to the Bomb's usage.

Download at PaperZelda

MC Remote Bomb has been removed, updated version will be released in the future.

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