Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kirby's Dream Collection Ghost Kirby

Happy Halloween everyone!

 Haven't posted much lately because I have no ink to testbuild my crafts but I've changed my mind and decided to start posting again anyway. So here's the model from Kirby's Dream Collection, Ghost Kirby!

Ghost is one of Kirby's many copy abilities. It first appeared in Kirby: Squeak Squad as an unlockable unique ability and has only appeared in that game. Ghost gives Kirby the power to control enemies and use their powers as his own. Note though that when getting items, Kirby himself (hovering on the right top corner of the enemy) has to touch it as oppose to the controlled enemy. Kirby's controlled enemy can chain-jump endlessly to replace Kirby's floating ability. Ironically, while ghosts are usually portrayed as having the ability to pass through solid objects, Ghost Kirby does not have that ability; he can't even travel down ladders or pass through floors that regular Kirby can pass through. He cannot attack or possess mid-bosses or bosses without possessing a regular enemy beforehand whose attacks aren't limited to ramming. Tedhaun's minions cannot be possessed, as with Squeakers.

Download Here


  1. Thanks for your design!

    I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: Kirby's Dream Collection - Ghost Kirby Free Papercraft

  2. Can't download ghost kirby blueprints. :|

    4shared link gives "The file link that you requested is not valid" msg after 20 second wait.

  3. This is the only ghost kirby papercraft, and I can't download it!! There is a virus within the downloader!!